Vaughan Twigger

Personal Training Background

Experienced Personal Trainers

ACE Certified Personal Trainer - Nov 2004.

ACE Certified Health Coach - Nov 2006

Other Certifications: Advanced Sports Nutrition, Exercise Prescription, Low Back Disorders, Optimal Muscle Training, Sports Injury, Strength Training Anatomy.

Working as a full time personal trainer for over 15 years.  Vaughan has trained hundreds of clients with different fitness levels, goals, and obstacles.  Vaughan wants to use his experience and passion for fitness to find a goal in each individual person. Compelling enough to make a positive permanent lifestyle change.

Bodybuilding Background

Natural Bodybuilding

2017 - OCB Yorton cup World Championships, 2nd place

2016 - WNBF pro bowl, overall winner

2012 - WNBF World Championships, 9th place

2011 - WNBF World Championships, 4th place

2011 - WNBF Mid America, Overall winner

2011 - WNBF Mr Universe, 1st place middleweight

2009 - IFPA Yorton cup World Championships, 6th place

2009 - IFPA Cape Cod Naturals, 4th place

2008 - WNBF Mid America, 2nd place

2008 - NGA Night of the Champions, 3rd place

2007 - IFPA Yorton Cup World Championships, 10th place

2006 - INBF Mid Atlantic Natural, Overall Winner

2006 - OCB Atlantic Supershow, Overall Winner

2005 - INBF Mid Atlantic Natural, 2nd place

2005 - Musclemania Kumati Classic, 1st place Junior, 2nd open

2005 - WNSO World Tour, 2nd place

2005 - OCB Atlantic Supershow, 4th place

2005 - OCB Penn State Naturals, 3rd place

2005 - Mr Virginia Tech, 1st place

2004 - Mr Virginia Tech, 2nd place