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New River Personal Training exists to help people meet and exceed their personal fitness goals.

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Trainers Who Care

Personal Training

Membership includes personal training and Nutritional coaching. Everytime you walk into the building one of our highly qualified trainers is there to help you. We design a workout plan specifically to meet your personal goals and needs. 

Private Setting

Workout motivation

Schedule your appointments ahead of time. This holds you accountable to show up, and we make sure the facility is never too crowded. You practically have the facility to yourself. Choose the music, enjoy refreshments, personal bathrooms and showers. 

Your Success is Our Goal

Individualized workout plans

At New River Personal Training,  We want you to succeed. We want you to use our facility. We encourage and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.  When you reach those goals, we help you set new goals.

Success Stories

Dee Dee

Competition prep

Dee Dee started her fitness journey at 200+lbs. With hard work and dedication she transformed her body. After experiencing what is possible with the right help she then decided to compete in women's physique competition. Competing at a new weight of 129lbs she earned her OCB master's pro card!



When setting goals, break them down to smaller steps. Henry dropped 10 lbs. Then worked for the next 10 lbs. 2 years later he has lost 80 lbs. Henry now has a new goal.... competetive natural bodybuilding!


Bikini Competition

Telia is another example of - with enough hard work and dedication, anything is possible. There is a 60 lbs difference in the two pictures.  Competing may not be your initial goal. But after you reach your initial goal, you need to find other challenges to conquer.  As Telia did when she won her ANBF bikini pro card!


Natural Bodybuilding

As a natural bodybuilding competitor.  Building muscle takes time and hard work. Vaughan has transformed himself. These pictures are 12 years apart. 



We won't  lie to you. Its not easy. If it was everyone would look like a beast... like Derek. We will show you the safest, most efficient way to reach your health and fitness goals, but you need to commit. 



Kayla lost an incredible 110 lbs in 18 months! She continues to make progress every day, crushing her goals! Kayla is constantly challenging herself to new goals, and always moving forward. Her dedication is an inspiration to other members.


Build muscle, lose fat

Greg had been weight training for a few years and had reached a good level of strength and musculature. Greg decided to take his fitness to the next level and compete in a natural classic physique competition. With a few changes to his workout schedule and diet, he managed to achieve his goal of competing.


Weight loss

Through hard work and determination, Carlos has lost over 60 lbs!! Carlos has gained an increase in muscle mass, strength and overall athleticism. He has made dramatic improvements to his health, specifically his blood pressure and triglycerides. Carlos is still striving forward and making progress. 

These are the real benefits of hard work and consistency on a carefully planned workout and nutrition plan. Awesome work Carlos! I am so proud of you!

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